Can you you believe its Christmas time once again?

It seems like yesterday we produced our first Sockies Holiday Puppet video starring everybody’s favorite Red Nosed Reindeer. Well since then these “Yuletide stockings-come-to-life” shorts have become something of a Holiday tradition.

Well,far be it from me to break with tradition so let’s bring on another one!


This year’s offering is brought to life by the vocal talents of Luke DeRosa. "A Christmas Wish" performed/composed by Luke DeRosa and produced/recorded by Pat Keogh.

Oh, and we can't forget the wonderful artistry of Katy Zyra with assistance from Ken and Michael Parker along with a special shout out to John Courtney.

So come all ye faithful and watch the latest Sockie Christmas video.

And let's not forget the ghost of Christmas' past.... Here are 3 more Holiday gems to put the holly in your berry, the egg in your nog, the mistle in your toe... err... you get the idea.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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